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      1. CN / EN



        Development engineer 1 person

        Lead the formulation of structural design schemes and project plans, research and development of new structures and technologies, and undertake the detailed design of product structures and components;(including process and quality control...

        Process engineer 1 person

        Proficient in Solidworks and AutoCAD

        Good command of sheet metal, profile metal processing, metal painting, die casting, plastic parts and other manufacturing processes;

        Independent leading experience in automation ...

        Powder coating engineer 1 person

        At least 3 year-experience in powder coating

        At least 5 year-experience in workshop management

        Independently completed project approval, scheduling, implementation and delivery

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        No.53 Ruyuan Road, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou

        Copyright ? 2019,  Suzhou MECCAN Precision Manufacturing Co. Ltd  Su ICP 09022766

        Technical Support:HuiCheng

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