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      1. CN / EN

        About Us

        Company profile

        Suzhou MECCAN Precision Manufacturing Co. Ltd., who takes technology as the core competitiveness, focuses on R & D, production and sales of steel-wood furniture. Advanced technology and excellent quality make our company be a partner of IKEA, Newell and other world famous companies. We employs well-known designers and senior engineers as consultants, import modern steel-wood furniture production lines and various profile and plate processing equipment, such as precision tubing line, powder coating line, punching machines, 3D bending machines, resistance welding, gas shielded welding and robot welding center and other welding equipment and is committed to providing high-quality and efficient products and services for customers' personalized needs.

        Our company pays attention to the management and investment of environmental protection, and always adheres to the people-oriented working concept, and continuously improves the working environment of employees.

        Core Idea

        • Vision

          Steady operation, sustainable development

        • Mission

          Quality first, treat employees kindly, pragmatic innovation

        • Value

          Honesty, pragmatism, cooperation, win-win and professionalism

        Managerial principles

        • IWAY first, integrity service, exceeding customer demand

        • Safety first, Laws and regulations observation, Life caring

        • Focusing on environmental protection, saving energy and reducing consumption to build a green and harmonious community.

        • Prevention priority and continuous improvement to increase the charm and competiveness of MECCAN

        1. About Us

          Company Profile Honor and Qualification
        2. Equipment Exhibition

          Equipment Exhibition
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          Products Exhibition
        4. H&R

        5. Contact Us

          Contact Us

        No.53 Ruyuan Road, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou

        Copyright ? 2019,  Suzhou MECCAN Precision Manufacturing Co. Ltd  Su ICP 09022766

        Technical Support:HuiCheng

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